QHSE Commitment

A quality control program and QHSE monitoring at each operation site

412 h
of QHSE training

customer satisfaction in 2019

Quality Health Safety Environment: CIEPTAL's commitment to excellence

To guarantee the highest quality services, CIEPTAL has set up, on each operation, a quality control program and a QHSE monitoring system that meets international standards for food hygiene and operational safety. A QHSE team of more than 30 engineers and technicians provides quality control and safety at work.

The company maintains its commitments to:

  • Compliance with customer requirements and other interested parties,
  • Ensures compliance obligations,
  • Prevention of pollution,
  • Prevention of any bodily injury and damage to the health of its personnel and third parties.

This orientation aims to:

  • Ensure the durability of its activities in the quality standards of the profession,
  • Maintain and consolidate its position in the market,
  • Strengthen your values of citizenship.

These objectives will be broken down into processes and activities and will be monitored, measured and reviewed at regular intervals, particularly during management reviews.

This policy is communicated and explained to the staff for application and displayed at the main points of access to the company's sites for any interested party.

Attached is CIEPTAL's QHSE Policy.

Management of the cold chain

As a catering and integrated services company, CIEPTAL is committed to respecting the entire supply and cooling chain.

Our refrigerated trucks are equipped with chips, connected and managed in real time via an application with warning system, which can instantly control the temperatures and / or openings of the doors during transport.

In our restaurants, strict controls that meet international standards are carried out to guarantee our customers the safety of their food.

Citizen's approach

CIEPTAL responsibly manages its waste, organizes the selective sorting of packaging and recycles its waste.

Other policies

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