Facility Management

CIEPTAL, Facility Management solutions for all your installations

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of vocational training in 2017

maintenance actions performed

A complete maintenance offer

CIEPTAL has a maintenance department made up of engineers and technicians supporting dedicated teams on site. CIEPTAL supports the complete management of facilities such as the maintenance of kitchen and laundry equipment, infrastructure maintenance and waste management.

Added to this expertise is the deployment of an IT solution for the management of preventive and curative maintenance actions and the management of spare parts inventory.

Maintenance and maintenance of the generators

CIEPTAL offers maintenance and servicing adapted for all generators. Maintenance meets strict regulations that must be respected, CIEPTAL with a quality service and maintenance service will ensure a better longevity to your generator.

Maintenance of equipment and facilities

CIEPTAL provides maintenance services for the installations: exterior facades of high-ceilings offices, green spaces, swimming pool, cleaning of warehouses, buildings and offices and the treatment of pests.

From water purification to wastewater reprocessing, the CIEPTAL teams also take care of all the stages of the water circuit in order to guarantee a continuous and quality supply on all the remote sites. CIEPTAL also has a supply service for all types of fluids (water, gas, diesel).

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