Our staff are trained to ensure their professionalism and skills.

Local employment

2 training

+ 511 h
of vocational training in 2017

An in-house training center to increase skills

More than 70% of CIEPTAL's workforce exceeds 8 years of seniority. We believe that employee satisfaction is a key success factor for our company.

That's why we develop the capabilities of our employees through training. CIEPTAL has an internal training center.

Three specialized trainers deliver full-time training related to our core business, accomodation and cateringto all our employees.

The set of programs put in place allows us to constantly update all employees and processes in order to achieve excellence in all areas of our business.

Our Human Resources Policy

At CIEPTAL, team spirit guarantees a state of mind at the service of operational results. The passion of the profession
leads to the commitment of our collaborators ...


From the Director General


Arezki MAZRI
Director General

Through our 23 years of experience, CIEPTAL deploys daily its professionalism in terms of full catering services to satisfy all stakeholders...

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