CIEPTAL, as a service integrator, provides catering services to oil, gas, institutional and catering companies on 78 operation sites.

+10 millions
meals served in 2018

operation sites

2 central kitchens
in Hassi Messaoud and Oran

On-site catering and collective catering

Whether in the oil, gas or institutional sector, CIEPTAL adapts to the most demanding environments.

CIEPTAL trains daily their qualified staff. Our teams master the research and selection of the best local suppliers, supply and storage of food in strict compliance with food safety standards: ISO 9001(v.2015), ISO 14001(v.2015) and OHSAS 1800.  Transport monitoring is geolocated across our fleet to ensure punctual deliveries and respect for the hot and cold chain.

The preparation of meals meets local and international standards, as well as religious, cultural and dietary constraints of our guests.

Professionalism, diversity, local flavors, balance and food safety are our commitments to our customers on our operation sites and in all our restaurants.

2 central kitchens in the heart of the industrial areas of Hassi Messaoud and Oran

CIEPTAL has two central kitchens that can produce up to 3000 meal trays per day and work in hot and / or cold on a radius of 80 km.

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