CIEPTAL, accommodation solutions for the comfort and well-being of residents on site

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 1 internal software
developed by CIEPTAL dedicated
to the management of accommodation

3 505 00
in 2018

A customer experience for 23 years

CIEPTAL relies on its hospitality experience to provide the best services to its guests on the 80 operation sites,

CIEPTAL offers accommodation solutions to ensure the comfort, security safety and well-being of residents on site.

A wide range of services

Accommodation management, control of entrances and exits, collection, washing and laundering, ironing, return of linen within the allotted time, cleanliness of the premises, concierge services: CIEPTAL teams realize and coordinate this set of dedicated services allowing the accommodation optimization, the reception fluidity of the residents as well as the comfort and well-being of the client.

Its software dedicated to the accommodation management allows for real time the knowledge of incoming and outgoing flows to optimize occupancy rates.

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