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Who are we?

CIEPTAL is specialized in the management of remote sites in extreme environments for companies of the oil and gas industry, mining, engineering and construction.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 standard,
is a standard that defines the criteria of a quality management system, implying a strong customer orientation and the continuous improvement of the services offered, accompanied by the commitment and motivation of the management.

ISO 14001:2015

The ISO 14001 standard,
(established by the International Organization for Standardization) is part of sustainable development and is based on the establishment of an environmental management system (continuous improvement and specific requirements).

ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001 standard,
within the framework of the safety and protection of workers, contributes to the improvement of the performance of the company by creating better working conditions for each one, to me to manage the professional risks related to the activity by improving worker safety and reducing risks for workers.

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